How can I Add and Remove users?

  1. Log in via your Employer account.
  2. Click on ‘Team accounts’ visible in the dropdown next to your initials.

  1. Here you can add up to 80 additional Users, by clicking on the ‘Add User’ button.

  1. To add a user simply enter their email address and click ‘Add User’

The person who registered the company will always be the owner of the account. The owner can be changed to a new owner by adding a user and selecting ‘Change account owner'

If a user has not yet accepted an invitation, you can resend the invite by clicking on the action menu and clicking on ‘Resend Invitation’

Removing or Deleting a user.

  1. A user can be deleted from the account by clicking on ‘Delete’ within the action menu on the right of the user name and email.

  1. To fully be deleted, please submit a deletion request via your ‘Account Settings’ where you will be asked to provide further required details to our Support department.


  • Any user has access to the change billing details
  • Any user can use any of the purchased products
  • Access cannot be restricted by certain products or levels
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